Top Ski Resorts Pennsylvania

Top Ski Resorts Pennsylvania
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Most Popular Ski Resorts

Pennsylvania is in prime ski territory. The Appalachian Mountains run all through the state of Pennsylvania, creating a Ski Utopia. If you are from the North East than you probably heard of the Poconos. The Poconos is a town with a lot of popular ski resorts and mountain destinations. Other than skiing; kayaking, white water rafting, bird watching, camping and water skiing are all popular activities in the Poconos. I have been to a lot of ski resorts in Pennsylvania. This is my list of the best ski resorts Pennsylvania.

I only included quality of Ski Slopes, price, location, number of slopes and a few other factors to qualify these ski resorts for my list, I was not influenced by other non-winter activities that are available among the different locations. However, I did include the activities available at each resort, in case it influences someones decision to pick one resort over the other. Many of these resorts are great summer destinations and they are very great for families. My family and I have spend a handful of summer trips in the Poconos and other PA resort towns.

1.Blue Mountain Ski Area

Blue Mountain is located in eastern PA, in the town of Palmerton. Blue Mountain is opening for ski in the winter but has other seasonal activities year round. Any ski enthusiast from the Northeast knows blue mountain. This ski resort is very close to New York, making it a popular vacation destination from many that live in New York City.

Blue Moutain Ski Resort Welcome Sign

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2. Camelback Mountain

Camelback Moutain is up next in the top ski resorts Pennsylvania. Camelback mountain is located in the Poconos and some would say; this is the best ski resort in the state, if not the whole Northeast.

Camelback mountain, Poconos, PA

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3. Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Seven Springs Mountain Resort is number 3 in the top ski resorts Pennsylvanian. Seven Springs Mountain Resort is located in Champion, Pennsylvanian. Seven Springs is in the south west corner of PA, only a little over an hours drive from Pittsburgh. Seven Springs is known not only for it’s skiing but also for it’s concert venue. Major bands come to play at Seven Springs year round. Seven Springs is open all year with different seasonal activities including skiing and snowboarding. This is a really great place for families. My kids love to come to seven springs. There are indoor water parks if the conditions are too harsh outside for the little ones, the ski instructors and day cares here are great too. There are some pretty gnarly double black diamonds here as well.

Seven Springs Mountain, PA

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4. Elk Mountain Ski Resort

Elk Mountain Ski resort is located in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Susquehanna County is Northeastern PA, located very close to the New York border.  Elk Mountain features 27 runs with 6 different lifts. It has almost 200 acres of slopes. Many people like this mountain for the amount of slopes however, if you are a more advanced skier you might want to look elsewhere. Families enjoy this area, this resort is open year round with seasonal actives.

Elk Mountain, PA

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