Sugar Mountain Ski Resort – Wolrd Class Amenities

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort – Wolrd Class Amenities
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History of Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort has long been known for quality snow and a challenging ski hill. The resort also offers many other activities for the whole family. In fact, if you have never skied at Sugar Mountain, then you are in for a treat. For the first-time skier or snowboarder, Sugar Mountain offers lessons and tips for beginners to help you get started. In addition, Sugar Mountain offers a beginner’s lesson during where skiers get comfortable and learn proper techniques.

The Resort sits eight miles from the historic town of Morgansburg. This location offers easy access to the world-class cross-country ski and snowmobile trails. Snowfall varies on the year and can last anywhere from early November through the end of March. Sugar Mountain was rated the best ski resort in the North Carolina for its well managed slopes and beautiful scenery.

One of the things that sets Sugar Mountain apart from other ski resorts is its network of trails. The trail system runs through most of the park, providing slopes for all skiers. Many of the trails also provide access to some of the more challenging slopes in the area. Access the slopes is just a short shuttle ride from the resort. The resort is open to residents of the resort as well as locals outside the resort.

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World Class Amenites

Sugar Mountain is home to several popular winter sports. These sports include ice skating, tubing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and skiing. This wide variety of activities makes Sugar Mountain great for people of all ages. Families can enjoy the choice skiing, tubing, or ice skating depending on the abilities of their kids. Sugar Mountain is great for people of all skills and abilities. Weather you have been snowboarding for 20 years or just starting, Sugar Mountain has the trails for you. This is one of the main reasons the resort has been one of the most popular in the area.

Snowmobiling can also be enjoyed at the ski resort. Snowmobiling can be done on many of the intermediate trails. However, beginners should not attempt this activity on any of the advanced trails. Snowmobile rentals are offered daily at the Amicalola Business Park across the street from the Sugar Mountain ski resort. Special equipment rental is also available.

Another feature of the resort is that it is home to the Banner Elk Program, an annual hunting event that utilizes the natural vegetation found at the resort to assist hunters in bagging a trophy elk. This is a popular even that occurs in the fall before the first snowfall. The surrounding area is home to a wide range of wildlife including elk, deer, moose, and more. This and the beautiful scenery make Sugar Mountain Ski Resort popular year-round.

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High End Accomadations

Sugar Mountain also offers three world class ski resorts: Sunshine Village, Copper Canyon, and Green Gulch. At the three resorts, you will find world class ski instructors, great food, and access to some of the best skiing in North Carolina. You can get all these things and more at the sugar mountain resort. If you have never skied or snowboarded before, don’t worry, there are plenty of ski guides to help you get started.

Overall, Sugar Mountain boasts world class amenities that set it apart from all other resorts. Patrons at Sugar Mountain have access to a wide variety of amenities including skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. This family friendly resort offers scenery that makes Sugar Mountain a popular place year-round. These amenities and many more create a wolrd class ski resort. Whether you are new to skiing or have been skiing for years, Sugar Mountain is your next winter vacation.

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