Pine Knob Ski Resort Boasts World-Class Amenities

Pine Knob Ski Resort Boasts World-Class Amenities
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History of Pine Knob Ski Resort

Pine Knob Ski Resort is in southeast Michigan and is a well-loved winter sports resort. It is owned by Energy Charter Communications and is a member of the Sun Belt Ski and Snowboard Association. The resort offers various activities that the whole family can enjoy. Including scenic slopes, in-house restaurants, and shops. Pine Knob is also an accredited handicapped accessible ski resort.

This resort is served by 15 ski and snowboard runs, providing various degrees of difficulty. These difficulty levels include beginner, intermediate, and advanced slopes. The average skiing slope is six degrees. There is also a beginner trail, which can be used before you upgrade to the full course. In addition, the resort offers a chairlift or rope lift for every run, offering easy access to all guests.

Another great aspect about Pine Knob is that they have created a green facility. The resort is a member of the green centers of the north and will work hard to make sure they are environmentally safe and clean. The majority of the guestrooms have either recycling or water recovery systems and the bathrooms offer both. There is a sit-down restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All dining options are located within walking distance from your room without having to go outside.

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Main Attractions

In addition to its location, another benefit to the pine knob ski resorts is that it can be accessed by train and commuter rail service. This makes travelling to the bigger cities in the north even easier. The southern resorts are more accessible by road and have many more amenities. There is a variety of different lodging options from luxurious resorts to lodges and cabins. You will find that there is something suitable for everyone’s budget.

When you first visit the pine knob ski resort you will be greeted warmly and given hot chocolate and coffee. There is also a cafeteria that offers an assortment of sandwiches, salads, and foods. There are two restaurants inside the resort that offer dining and entertainment in addition to skiing. Pine Knob also boasts two terrain parks available to use, which offer plenty of fun for all ages.

There are several different types of skiing that you can take part in at the Pine Knob Ski Resort. In addition, there are lifts that allow you to access the different slopes and you can choose from a beginner level to an advanced beginner. The trails give skiers a great opportunity to get off the ground and experience a fresh new snow sports experience. The terrain parks offer some of the most challenging obstacles you can face. It is a great option for both new and experienced snowboarders.

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Summary of Pine Knob Resort

As you might expect, this is a very popular destination ski resort in southeast Michigan. You will find a variety of accommodations throughout the area, and you will even find small towns that make for a nice little getaway. The restaurants and bars are well equipped with both food and drink making them easy to get along into the night. Many of the resorts are located within a short distance from the pine knobs and if you are traveling with family or friends you can plan on spending time with them during your time in Michigan. In fact, many visitors come back to Pine Knob Ski Resort each year because they can make it to a special vacation spot without spending a lot of money.

The resort offers two different types of rentals, which include day and weekend packages. There is a discount available for people who book a package and then choose to stay at the pine knob during the week as well as the weekends. This is a wonderful way for families to enjoy the beauty of the ski slopes during the week and then relax on the slopes during the weekend. You will also find that there are many other attractions to keep you occupied during your stay at the resort.

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